Wedding Updo inspired by Hilary Duff -itsJudyTime

Wedding ceremony Fashion Online video Score: 4 / 5

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  1. seen the man in tha background lol x

  2. the description says its from Sally’s

  3. ilovemadison18

    where did you get the foam woman????? :D

  4. What was the intro song called?

  5. CharliGoneMad

    “You’re going to need the volume” *sprays* *molests hair* xD made my day

  6. Hilary Duff was so beautiful at the wedding

  7. 333Klarissa333

    love how benji is watching youtube in the backround

  8. super cute

  9. Like… Pre-wrap? For the foam thingy….?

  10. moviechannel1012

    Love it! Lolll! benji in the background lmao

  11. it is cute but I would never ever ever wear this hairstyle to any formal event ;p

  12. Judy you’re amazing! I need my hair to grow to do this!!! :(:(

  13. lol

  14. benji!

  15. TeamJacob4Lifee

    ahahaa, is benji watch epic meal time? 😛

  16. last year. a little late?

  17. Love i,t but who”s in the background on the computer?

  18. I love all of your hair tutorials Judy! (:

  19. missjazzaylove

    make up tutorial please?

  20. – Like she said, it helps add texture/volume to your hair. It’s also nice if you have oily hair, and spend a lot of time styling your hair after washing, then the next day your hair is oily you don’t want to have to spend all that time on your hair again. So you can just spray on the dry shampoo and brush out. I personally don’t like the brand she’s using even though it is invisible, I didn’t feel like it worked as well as the tresemme dry shampoo.

  21. Noone had replied. Thanks for the info. I will check it out =D

  22. PrinceRoyce511

    idk if anyone has replied to yu but they usually have different sizes and colors at yur local beauty supply store.

  23. ItsJustMeNaina


  24. Awawaw I love this do… so simple and elegant

  25. KeepDreamingD

    Hey, where did u get ur earrings? ;>