Wedding Fashion Online video Rating: four / 5

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  1. diamondcouture96

    illimasqua skin base

  2. what’s that foundation called? the one you used in this video?

  3. itsalexaporcelli

    MAC 266 or 263 I believe 🙂

  4. EmmyTheScientist

    you’re a makeup artist to look up to 🙂 you look gorgeous sweety

  5. This look is absolutely stunning! You look BEAUTIFUL! I think this would be a great everyday look as well 🙂

  6. what is the foundation that YOU used here? I could not get the name??

  7. does anybody know dupe for PATINA AND MULCH….;)?

  8. u r soo pretty love the makeup really amazing and beautiful

  9. looooooove it 🙂

  10. This is just BEAUTIFULLLLL

  11. DecemberMarie

    Beautiful look! I love that Kim went with her usual, smokier eyes for her wedding. No offense to anyone, but I love all attention on the eyes and so many bridal looks I see are just plain boring.

  12. its sounds like you say bitches, not pictures..

  13. Amazing!!

  14. KirstyBennett18

    It’s either the MAC 263 or 266 🙂 

  15. LostInThisWorld11

    Don’t tell me i was the only one thinking she said ”she found some bitches but there’s no new bitches realesed yet” from 0:16 to 0:19 lol!… hm, back to the tutorial you did a great job like always ecspecially with the brows..

  16. It looks like either a 266 or a 263.

  17. MakeupAndMelodies

    it’s a MAC 266 :)

  18. its a MAC 266 angle brush

  19. It’s probably the 266 or maybe the 263, but since she had already used the 266 to liner her eyes I’m guessing she probably used that one. They’re both practically the same. Great brushes!

  20. MrZanderJaymz

    MAC 266 brush.

  21. mac 266

  22. mac 266

  23. I think it’s the 266! 🙂

  24. JordanCostanza

    She is using the 266 brush. An alternative is the 263 and the only difference is that one is synthetic.

  25. GlamourCheck1

    i think it’s a 266!