Wedding Hair tutorial

Wedding Style Movie Ranking: 4 / 5

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  1. 96vanebutterflys90

    love the hair updo it looks so pretty 

  2. How annoying is the speeded up sound on this video?! aaaarrrghhh!!

  3. Omg, yes! I’m getting married next year so this is in the running.

  4. yeah it was a level.. 4 i made it a level… 9/10

  5. MrHairextention

    the hair on that heas looks in well good condition did you dye it ??:P

  6. hah i do it happens alot like i been almost done and i drop it i hate it.

  7. I ment don’t you hate it 

  8. That’s a real pretty updo. Don’t you hate when your trying to put the a bobby pin in a doll head and it falls over ? lol this happens to me all of the time 🙂
    Thanks for showing one side with straight hair and the other with curly hair
    Great job !

  9. gorges :)