Wedding Hair Style on Natural Hair

Wedding Design Video clip Rating: four / 5

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  1. coconutsruleall

    me love! I’m gonna have such a hard time with my mum when i get married cos I’m Transitioning out heat damage from not frequent but long term straightening and stopped relaxing when i was 18. She always is trying to make me have a relaxed updo for special occasions and i refuse not just because of the breakage from overprocessing cos i could just relax twice a year but i want to embrace my kinks. I have a feeling she’ll be having an intervention before my wedding Lol.

  2. MiMiDaBrAiDeR

    wow i love it

  3. never delete your videos! im going to need them when i’m completely natural and it’s this length…and considering I’ve only been transitioning a little over a month, it might be a while!lol

  4. just subscribed to your site .you go girl .out of everyone when youtube I find you to be the best I spent the last 2 days watching all of your videos congratulations on your graduation engagement and all of your success in your life you’re a friend and my head and now my sister and I both wear twist out because of your incredible instructions we now have faith in our natural hair looking forward to trying more styles . congratulations and looking forward to try more natural hairstyles

  5. yolandaprince

    I will be attending a wedding next weekend and this will be perfect, thanks. Love it.

  6. Congratulations God bless your marriage

  7. VaniaSantacatarina

    your hair is natural complet???

  8. where did you get that big container of eco styler gel

  9. Lovely, quick and easy…thanks!

  10. @ebonyeyes22, they are side combs which you can find @ your local beauty supply shop or Walgreens/CVS. I usually use the Goody brand.

  11. thanks alot i tried this yesterday when i saw the video for the first time and everyone loved it! of course i had to fake the curls with alot of jel because my hair is not as curly as yours but it turned out great. thanks alot!!!!!oh and my boyfriend loved loved loved it ^_^

  12. what is that those combs called?

  13. I just got married a couple of days ago and my hair was very similar to this. I had a sort of french roll in the back instead of pushing it forward. My veil was a birdcage blusher that had a really nice comb that matched my dress. Congrats on your engagement! You’ll be a gorgeous bride!

  14. Mrsjones28sj31

    Your edges have gotten so much more thicker!! And love this style. I will try this very soon. Thank you.

  15. pinknewbie823

    LOVE this updo!

  16. Love the curls at the top :)

  17. Great video. Congratulations on your engagement.

  18. kute

  19. hoodiewearing82

    Very cute updo!!!  Thanks for sharing and OMG, welcome back to the tube! 🙂

  20. my hair does the same thing too, im thinking of going back to perms 🙁

  21. my hair coils so bad, its hard for me to wet and gel down…I’ll have to try a few things so I can slick this thick hair and do this style! Thanks for sharing!

  22. allimarieRISING

    Cute, simple updo just how I like it!

  23. nice style!

  24. Very pretty n simple! I have to try this

  25. this is cute im natural as well thanks for the idea girl …