Wedding Hair Style ♡ Romantic Side Twist Curly Updo

Wedding ceremony Type Online video Ranking: 4 / 5

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  1. MsCuteDesigns

    I thought it was teased way too much. It looks like a bird nest and the music was horrible! But I luv u just not this look

  2. WahlnottPrinsessa

    Looks crazy but so cool! 😀

  3. すてき、、、(;o;)

  4. 美という漢字はあなたの為に出来た漢字です。

  5. Wow! It looks so stunning! Wished I saw this when I was getting dry for prom ;(

  6. sooo pretty

  7. you are wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. MakeupGeekAddict

    im going to do this look for my cousin wedding.. and im going to be doing her makeup!! omg.. the song was beautiful!!

  9. @BillyWithKelly I know what you mean… she’s a great performer. 🙂 And the camera loves her. 

  10. I did this hair for my nephews wife and when she came in everybody started crying and commenting on how beautiful she was ^_^ your my hero :3

  11. I wish she was my neighbor so that she can do my hair and make up everyday.

  12. watch out for birds. One of them lost it’s nest.

  13. music sucks :S but the hair is amazing <3

  14. Beautiful hair! It looks so romantic and gorgeous!

  15. LMAO! I was jk!

  16. Looks like something out of a Tim Burtons movie.

  17. andreasdelibasis

    y? its ugly boys dont like sit like this

  18. eljugadorloco

    YOU BETTER THAN michelle phan

  19. I’m gonna do this to go to school!

  20. yiyangxoxoBAM

    very fucking nice!

  21. please please if it ever accourded to u to cut ur hair!!! DONT!!!!!!!! JUST EARSE THE IDEA FROM UR BRAIN!!!! Ur hair is GORGEOUS!!!!!!

  22. watch?v=6rNe816TBY4

  23. so i guess u have a problem by going to a wedding with such a haircut ?

  24. jagelskarmcfly

    i really like it 🙂 the hair looks very nice!

  25. moscosourquiola

    Thank you! I have long straight hair and I ve always thought there wasnt much to do with it!