Wedding Hair Style ♡ Elegant Updo with Flower

Marriage ceremony Style Video clip Ranking: 4 / five

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  1. yeah! @jasonLee i already done that lesson 🙂
    some with the mannequin head and some w/
    real person. I like the way it taught me tricks
    and techniques. Anyway, u got the site name
    spelled wrong. That should be:

  2. Very lovely and beautiful ! Thanks for sharing .

  3. How beautiful is your hair!!!!!!!!!!!! Make a tutorial on how you wash and comb your hair and everything related please please please T-T

  4. MissMaddiJean

    My goodness, I’d never be able to do this. You have amazing hair

  5. @Haishinlu Definitely! And beautiful skin too.

  6. 出来上がりが綺麗(*^^*)

  7. I have always thought that big french twist like this makes u look like an alien head or something!!!!!

    L O L still so cute and glamorous!!!!

  8. Only Asians have hair that beautiful and smooth. Only Asians.

  9. elegantserenade

    Thank u that was absolutely beautiful



  11. u make me smile ^^

  12. You have amazing skill to be able to do that by yourself, without properly seeing the back of your head. Wow!

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  14. Gorgeous. :}

  15. Brava!

  16. your haaaaiiirr!! envyyy x)

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    cant help but think top 2 comments are from horny white guys

  18. wooooooow i like your hair

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    you niceee ^^

  21. ArturoStojanoff

    how many hair clips do you own?

  22. pixieandpumpkin

    can I just like sit and play with your hair? :3

  23. Well.. Word.

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  25. GluttonForSex

    Your heterosexuality caused you to zoom straight in on the gorgeous Asian chick. Mystery solved.