Wedding Day Hairstyles : Three Ponytail Up-Do Hairstyle: Wedding Hairstyles

Wedding ceremony Fashion Online video Score: four / 5

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  1. omg I hate the way she’s talking

  2. SkinnySexyBride

    Very elegant! 

  3. JerDonSaraGibbs1

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  4. LitleChicken007


  5. What I wanna know is how does that come out when she wants to comb it out. I hope it doesn’t come out to be a bunch of knots.

  6. KayleyDenise123

    Wow… I’ve seen 5 year olds with better quality cameras…

  7. einfach nur hässlich. Its not nice

  8. MegaSally1990

    that is so gay

  9. That is preys

  10. if u want to see good hair styles go to cute girl hair styles

  11. Wow

  12. she has obvious huge parts on both sides of her head in the end. eghh.

  13. Good luck getting that out!! But still very cool :D

  14. Its superb , excellent and beautifu hair do ……

  15. its pretty, just wish it didn’t do the skipping thing where shes doing a ponytail..then next scene it shows her working on another piece already. if i had longer than shoulder length hair i might try this, but it wont come out as defined as hers.

  16. lk


  17. lk

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  19. LadyOfScarFace

    Love it

  20. جميل جداً

  21. wasted my time

  22. yeah, great if you’ve got hair like a horse

  23. crzymusician09

    I would not pay a bunch of money to have someone tie my hair into a bunch of knots……I think I could manage that on my own….nice style though…I would just rather do that myslef

  24. bluecolliesxox

    terrible quality

  25. wow bad quality much