Valentine’s wedding bridal make up look

Wedding Type Movie Ranking: four / 5

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  1. MissBieberluvr

    most ppl open their mouth REALLY big wen they do their eye lashes hehehe:)

  2. From a 1 to a 3…hahaha!

  3. MAC eye shadow in “Naked Lunch” or “Nylon” are good, basic ones.

  4. Love the colors on you! I only wish I had the skills you had lol
    Do you have a favorite brow bone highlighter? I know you use different ones for different looks but is there one you recommend above the others? Thanks sweetie

  5. The regular DiorShow is better than the Iconic. It’s lovely stuff, don’t get addicted! The only thing I don’t like about it is the smell. It smells very strongly of baby powder.

  6. hey girl
    i really love this look.
    its really sweet

    im wondering if you could suggest to me
    what colours i can use from sweetscents minerals or even MAD minerals
    to subsitute the ones you use for this look

    many thanks in advance!

  7. you should do something about those eyebrowsss !

  8. UdPP – the only product in the world where one may find oneself saying “This is starting to run out so I may have to saw it in half soon.”! Thanks for the laugh!

  9. Pleeeease don’t listen to that person, I spent looooads of money on Diorshow Iconic and it’s on the top of my ‘makeup products I regret buying’ list. It really clumps and gives no volume nor length.

  10. Thanks! She’ll be doing it herself.

  11. yvettemadelaine

    I love this one! Are you going to do the application for your friend, or is she going to replicate it herself?

  12. lauraoriordan

    really pretty look! Without the traditional neutral colors 🙂 like it!!!!!! Now I want to get married to use it!! LOL

    But seriously it’s gorgeous! Nice work!

  13. That’s what I said in the video!

  14. u should cut ur primer open ull find loads more product in there just make sure to put it in a airtight container

  15. They are much better on me as well!

  16. Thanks for the rec!

  17. Thanks!

  18. It hasn’t been released here yet.

  19. Blue violets are much better on me. It may be that way for you too.

  20. the dior show mascara is good but you should try the dior unlimited or ionic then decide. after you try the ionic you will not want to use anything else. 🙂

  21. Wow, this video is so clear!
    I am also scared to wear pink, with my pale skin it can look a bit sickly, but these pink shades seem to work on you. I may have to try this!
    Keep up the great work Becky, and congrats to your friend!

  22. They’re not all identical. I know I do a lot of looks with lid and crease, but that’s how I wear my makeup 99% of the time. There are other placements on here but I’d love some suggestions from you.

  23. i’ve never noticed that before but you’re right

  24. omg thats so sweet getting married on valentines day ahhhhh great look by the way:)!

  25. it’s beautiful. you could probably just ware the pink and it would warm your face up alot. nice look