TWILIGHT – Breaking Dawn Part 1 : Bella Swan Wedding Hair Tutorial.

Wedding ceremony Style Movie Ranking: four / 5

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  1. singingforaliving

    is this music from Breaking Dawn? I am wondering what the first piece is?

  2. it’s kind of impossible to me to make, but it’s really pretty

  3. Darla Starling

    You are so pretty!!! im jealous :(!

  4. You have such nice hair (: x

  5. xxkaylaisepicxx

    I love this video i think you did great xxx

  6. DanceUntilYouDie

    you’re gorgeous!

  7. nljcalingasan09

    I love that name. Serena. Like in Gossip girl.

  8. greeneye1234567891

    ur right :)

  9. oh sorry! lol u look like my friend paige haha x

  10. Prettywildthings

    mine? its Serena x

  11. is ur name paige?

  12. XxFanpire4evaxX

    lol, it was in the first movie :D, i love this song so much its by carter burwell-bella’s lullaby (just in case you were wondering).

  13. hannahbannah26895472

    the song is Bella’s Lullaby its in the first movie

  14. Wasn’t this the song that was played when Bella had her flashback before she changed??

  15. eraelspduhcpels

    wauuu!!! Perfecto. Muy bien!  (Spain)

  16. love the music – so TWILIGHTY

  17. BellaAliceRozalie

    : o OMG, i never doo it 😀

  18. cheekychick42

    This is fantastic!! I am totally doing this tomorrow! xx thanks

  19. Prettywildthings

    haha i hope thats a compliment 😛

  20. HugeVicTORiousFan09

    In the beginning photos, she kinda looks like Billie Piper

  21. audylovesyall

    love tha music(yes,i know its off the movie) i listen to it all tha time 🙂

  22. Prettywildthings

    @AelitaUndomiel Shev plays a mermaid called Serena, and I’m called Serena 🙂 small world hehe xx

  23. Prettywildthings

    @HeyyOly Aww lol it’s caus I was concentrating :p xx

  24. she looks better than Lucy Hale 🙂 I envy