Twilight Breaking Dawn: Bella’s Inspired Wedding Hair & Makeup Tutorial. Giveaway CLOSED 11.30.11

Marriage ceremony Style Online video Score: four / five

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  1. Adviceforwomen

    Jacob becus hes so sweet

  2. Did you already giv the clip away?

  3. ilovesheldoncooper

    I like the hunger games better. In the hunger games katniss shows that woman can be independent they can be a better warrior than men. Bella shows that girls need a man in their life to survive and that we would all perish if there wasn’t any men in our life. GO HUNGER GAMES!!!

  4. ilovesheldoncooper

    Edward sucks. Go Jacob!

  5. Forever team Edward! Anyway, you did great on the hairstyle. It almost reminds me of a chignon, you know? I have to mention that you are SO pretty! I’m completely jealous of your hair, and eyes. They’re gorgeous! Great video & thanks for posting!

  6. ShelbyLynn7397

    TEAM EDWARD FTW! 😀 Annnd you have Bubz Brushes! You are sooo lucky!!! <3

  7. team edward!!!

  8. JaKaylaClark16

    Team Edward

  9. beckytorres17

    Team Edward since seriously my boyfriends name is edward and he is so sweet to bella like my edward is to me so sweet:) Great video!

  10. as mentioned in the info box, i did this tutorial prior to the movie release so only went by what images i found on google. hence this tutorial is more inspired than exact replica.

  11. it’s nice bur her hair is in a braided bun but lose at the bottom

  12. Team Edward. I my have to do my hair like this for Christmas this year.

  13. Team Edward forever!!! ♥♥♥♥
    Beautiful tutorial i lLOVE it 😀 i think i’m gonna have to do that to my hair and the make up wow.. 😀 gorgeous!! u should do a tutorial of the last scene of the movie i loved her make up and hair there!! 🙂 keep on making these videos
    p.s.the comb does add the finishing touch (*_*) lol

  14. I’m TEAM EDWARD, and i love your tutorial, Thanks !!


  16. TEAM EDWARD!! although jacob is fine as hell for sure!

  17. @MsLaBelleMel I subscribed to ur YT MsLaBelleMel and liked ur FB LaBelleMel31

  18. Team Jacob! :)

  19. AkatsukiReimeiAi

    Team Edward! I’m such a big Taylor fan though! 😛 Super pretty look!

  20. team jacob 😉 

  21. TEAM EDWARD-saw it the first day it came out on midnight. =)

  22. 080910twilightlover

    Team Edward All The Way !! 🙂

  23. This is really pretty and I love that comb! It’s so beautiful 🙂

  24. Team Edward only because he’s Bella’s true love! Jacob’s the best though! ^.^ <3

  25. team edward