Taylor Swift was not present at Kennedy Wedding

Taylor Swift and her long time boy friend Conor Kennedy were heard of avoiding one of Kennedy’s cousin’s nuptials. The wedding took place few days ago. Their absence from the nuptials created buzz all over.

This incident reminds all of us that it was sometimes back when Kennedy and Swift were spotted at Kyle Kennedy’s wedding reception. But after the reception ended, the mother of the bride Vicki Gifford Kennedy complained against the couple for sneaking into the reception without her appraisal. But it was reported by a reliable source that the couple was welcomed at the reception by the bride herself.

Now everyone is saying that this is the reason why the couple is not being spotted in the wedding receptions and that is why they avoided and decided not to attend any of their relative’s nuptials. It may happen that Swift is scared off because of the previous incident and it can also happen that their invitation got lost in the mail inbox. Whatever the reason is, when the duo was asked about their absence, they decided not to say or reveal anything publicly.

Recently the couple was spotted in Massachusetts near Kennedy’s boarding school. The couple was there to spend some quality time and were seen very happy within each other’s company. It was in July when the couple revealed their relationship publicly. Earlier, Swift was in relationship with actor Jake Gyllenhaal. Their relationship lasted for only two months and before that Swift was romantically linked to musician John Mayer.

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