Surprise wheelchair dance at wedding

It was nineteen years ago when John Palmer’s pool accident paralyzed him. It forced him to be in a wheelchair.

But all these difficulties and drawbacks did not stop him from having a dance at his wedding.
So Palmer, who is a 37-year-old software developer from Holt, won over his then fiancee, Corey Longley, 36, to attempt ballroom dance lessons to get set for their first dance as husband and wife before two-hundred guests on Saturday night in Ann Arbor.
A few days before the wedding at the University of Michigan Museum of Art, Palmer stated that everyone is anticipating them to do the same old slow dance with her sitting on her lap. Instead, the pair swirled and twirled at their reception to Ed Sheeran’s 2014 smash Thinking Out Loud. She was on both feet while Palmer prompted and drew each to the other in a choreographed love story on wheels.
More importantly, their family member and close friends who were there at the ceremony, did not have any prior idea about their dance. Their instructor was Sergio Sanchez, a championship ballroom professional from Ecuador, who has been collaborating with Cheryl Angelelli, a wheelchair athlete as well as a 1 time Paralympian swimmer, to arrange ballroom dance classes for wheelchair users at Fred Astaire studio.
Longley and Palmer met online through His profile online included a snapshot of him in his wheel-chair. His impairment did not deter her, stated Longley. Her dad had a lifelong buddy, paralytic and in a wheelchair for years. She added that the wheelchair never was an issue for her. And if one meets John, he would be the happiest person in the world.

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