Royal Wedding Special

Wedding ceremony Style Video clip Score: / five

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  1. I love the idea of using the BB brick as eyeshadow! I have a Smashbox version of it that I received as a gift, and I use it all the time now – it’s so pretty and fresh. Thanks for the great tip!

  2. chloebutchermakeup

    I used a stick because I was using all BB products and the sticks are my favourite of all their foundations.

    I tend to swap between brush, fingers and sponges for foundation….whatever is in front of me!

  3. chloebutchermakeup

    Hahah!! Maybe she did! She didn’t use a make up artist!

  4. Love your base makeup here – I wld never have thought a small foundation brush (lks like an e/s brush) wld give such a flawless complexion!

    Could you share why you chose a stick foundation instead of a liquid? Thank you

  5. I think Kate’s watched the video 😀

  6. chloebutchermakeup

    Thank you very much!! I will indeedy! Plent more to come!

  7. please keep making videos! you’re great!

  8. chloebutchermakeup

    Oh!! You are too kind!! Thanks for watching !
    Have a great day x

  9. cat0loves0jonas

    oh my goodness you are stunning
    and i love your accent!
    keep it up 🙂