Quick Wedding Style for Natural Hair

Marriage ceremony Fashion Online video Score: 4 / 5

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  1. Godschild4evaful

    this is so pretty!

  2. love your videos. Thank you for enlightening us with your knowledge of hair/skin care and fashion. Your personality is awesome. I subscribed to your channel because of the positive energy u give in your videos. Thank you and God bless you in all u do.

  3. OMG you are Jamaican. From what parish??? I am Jamaican myself, from Montego Bay and I absolutely love your channel.

  4. mstangiepangie

    I loved your hairstyle and OF COURSE THE ACCESSORIES! Tonite, I came to watch for styles I can do. I did my BC in September and now I’m going on vacation for 5 days. *UGH* I feel stressed because I’m just getting the hang of doing my natural hair and now, it’s not short but not long either so I keep doing 2 strand twistouts but want to find new ways to rock them instead of just plain. The headband is a GREAT IDEA! I need to pack HEADBANDS with flowers/ties. Thanks!

  5. but wait….girl i been watching most of ur vids and mi jus realise say u av some JAMAICAN ROOTS inna u….. maaaad….by d way u mad pon d hairstyle ting trust mi! PEACE!

  6. Love the hair!

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  8. GetHealthy4MyBabies

    Skip To My Lou!!! Love it!! ;o)

  9. Mzdiamondzr4eva

    Hi, BlackOnyx, I’ve just watched a video from SunshineLovesPeace and she mentioned your name and website, I came over and had to subscribe. She is so right about you, you are beautiful, your hair is gorgeous and your store is amazing. Keep doing what you’re doing and stay blessed.

  10. very pretty couple stay blessed

  11. Hi, I love your site, Please stop by my blog and shed some of your ideas, it’s for all my girls caught in the tug of war b/t being natural & the 1B, 22in, this blog is for you:


    Happy Combing!

  12. Hey girl i bought the shea yogurt and I LOOOOVE it!!!!!!!

  13. Heeeey ! Jerzey Born and Breed! You and your husband are too cute!

  14. I like those earrings Girl!

  15. the make up is a bit much it doesnt work at all. everything else (hair and accessories) is nice.

  16. SouthernAndSexy89

    Oh yea, and you looked absolutely FLY at the wedding, the whole outfit was on point!

  17. SouthernAndSexy89

    The final look was cute but I really like the one you were playing around with b4 the final look, the one half down with the hump, I was diggin that esp w/ the headband, if you ever do that one I’d love to see a vid on it [hint hint lol]

  18. GIRL GIRL!!!!

  19. Glad to see you’re still on youtube.

  20. wow! you look absolutley stunning! i also see that u have have lost weight, congrats on that as well. i love ur channel. keep up the good work sista because people like needs it.

  21. why do you feel the need to talk into a camera to a million people you dont know?

  22. godivagoddess32

    i love love this hairstyle!!!u n ur hubby make a beautiful couple!!

  23. ACNBeautyInChrist

    Your outfit is too cute, you and your hubby look so sweet in the picture. Wedding looks fun. Remain blessed

  24. Ur hair look really nice!!! Luv the rocker head band.

  25. aww girl I live in Houston, TX , so I know how you feel…i am natural for about 3 years now, and I just pressed my hair last weekend, and it was an afro by time I got home from eating dinner out with friends after church…lol..i didnt even know it had reverted…but it doesnt bother me…so I just left it alone after that..i guess there is no cure for keeping maintaining a press out here for this heat and humidity