Messy Glam Up-Do Hair Tutorial – Eid Special

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  1. Gorjus hair.

  2. Where is your shop in dubai?

  3. Thank you. It might be because you have not cut it for a while. Try having a trim and apply oil to it at least once a week – try olive oil mixed with caster oil. Long hair isn’t the easiest to maintain, but it is important to cut it to keep it healthy. Good luck. x

  4. love your tutorials i have reali long hair and find my hair is starting to fall out could you recommend anything to help thanks

  5. She reminds me of emile sande. Fink itz d dark skin and bleach blonde hair. Eid mubarak everyone

  6. Love this hairstyle. Especially because it’s so unique :)

  7. Eid Mubarak!