“Long hair UPDO” Prom Wedding day by Toronto hair salon

Marriage ceremony Type Video Rating: 4 / five

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  1. SuperMilagro777

    прическа отличная. Но по видео совершенно не ясно, как ее сделать. И смотреть надо примерно с 3ей минуты.

  2. It feels good to understand Russian (:

  3. patroska patroska patroska patroska… -_-

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  6. It goes really fast through the part where she’s dividing it in sections and putting it in ponytails. I can’t tell what she’s doing. The style is amazing though!

  7. N.P

  8. thanx for the subtitles

  9. очень красивейшее волосы. Я рад потому что я понимаю русский язык слишком :))

  10. OMG! I love this! If it was slower I think I could figure it out. Or maybe if I could understand it. lol

  11. nocternalninja

    -Sigh- im trying to find a long hair design for cosmetology but i cant really firgure out whats going on because of the language XD

  12. Beautiful updo, beautiful language, shame I don’t speak it, translations please for us poor Americans who don’t speak every language out there!

  13. will do shortly

  14. ninacheesyrockchick

    Great updo, but ENGLISH subtitles would be good and helpful! PLEASE…PLEASE….PLEASE :o)

  15. uglyadoration

    english please? that or subtitles would be a nice touch:)

  16. And it would be nice if it were in english…

  17. The stylists nails look wonderful, but how can she work with them that long? lol. I know I can’t..I’d poke my clients eyes out!

  18. itd be nicer if it was in englsih

  19. The model has very nice hair wow Lucky girl

  20. Love Luv Luv it. I liked the ribbon usage. It reminded me of Ukrainian hair styles for some reason. I loved the braiding! I’m in love with braids now!!! Thank you so much! I am adding you to my playlist.