Wedding Style Online video Ranking: four / 5

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  1. ShaunaSandVid

    Incase you are feel like watching celeb videos I think I saw this place not too long ago I believe that has prett much all the tapes: Kim Kardashian and all the other big sex tapes.

    Here’s the site here:

  2. this is beautiful!!

  3. please please please could u do her wedding reception one… i love the waves she had later on… this is awesome as well and i only just discovered u! ur sooo talented!

  4. spinnergirl4u1

    Just beautiful.. thankyou, you have very pretty hair.

  5. whats the name of the song in this video at the very begining??

  6. can i still achieve this using a hair rat instead?

  7. PrincessAbaya

    I love the way you did your was beautiful….i have some fantastic hair/pieces in diamante that woudl also look very good for a kardashian inspired look.!

  8. StefanieLisa93

    danke für deine videos, ich liebe sie! 🙂

  9. BerlinHairBaby

    wonderful you’re trying the dutch lace, thx for the kind words:-)

  10. OMG so beautiful and simple. Can’t wait to try it out. Love your hair tutorials I have been rocking a dutch lace braid practically the whole summer 🙂

  11. BerlinHairBaby

    welcome:-) The ponytail holder was covered by that section of hair we separated out at the beginning. I use an adjustable chain link clasp so the headpiece fits snug. However if I’m going dancing I will secure it with an extra bobby pin (same color as my hair)

  12. Thank you for this! May I ask how you covered the hairband on the left side (did you pin the bun around it or was the wrapping hair taken from the bottom?) and how/if you secure the headband so it doesn’t fall off? Is it possible to place it under hair so the fastener is hidden and held in place? Thanks again!

  13. BerlinHairBaby

    could you go to your hair stylist, bring the pins with you and ask her/him to help you and show you.
    it will be hands on learning

  14. those pins just DONT work for me!!!!! oh god its so frustrating!!! the hair pins, if u can help in any way i would really appreciate it…

  15. dare2Bdomestic

    I think a few inches off would be lovely! You do look great either way.

  16. TheSarahSlurpee

    i just added a video of my own kim k wedding makeup nd hair tutorial on my page come take a look! 😉 -sarah slurpee <3

  17. BerlinHairBaby

    well maybe use can use the hair tutorial sans headband 🙂

  18. MissWhitneyCouture

    Thank you so much! 🙂

  19. I love your videos, but to be honest when I saw a picture of Kim K I wondered “What was she thinking?” with that headband?

  20. I think you’d look great, I was always used to your short hair and then it feels like all of a sudden it grew long LOL Have you thought of dyeing it? I think you’d look amazing as a redhead or a dark brunette. So you’re going to change it for fall? It’s always exciting to change it up. I cut my hair for summer so unfortunately I’m not able to do most of the hairstyles you post on, but keep the videos coming and I will faithfully be here 😀

  21. LisaFreemontStreet

    Great look…

  22. im so happy, almost everyday new videos from you!!!:)

  23. BerlinHairBaby

    I actually use the glue from H&M’s false lashes. seems to do the job! xx

  24. BerlinHairBaby

    @MonaFabuleux @MonaFabuleux thank-you Mona! you’ve been with me since the beginning and I’m happy you’re still here. I’m thinking of taking a few inches off this fall for a crisper look. What do you think? xoxo