Kate Middleton Royal Wedding Day Make up look

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  1. I love how cheeky you always look at the start of your vids, so cute!!!! 

  2. SuperUltraDeltaTron

    Omggg i use that masscara!!!! xD

  3. hi lauren pleaz respond to me! x

  4. Great Vid! love it!

  5. Watching her carelessly slap products on made me cringe.

  6. Lauren, I looked at the picture of Kate Middleton, and you are so much prettier than her!!! And the reason why? You have a lovely round face, where her face is so thin, she has tons of wrinkles that you don’t have… I don’t know exactly, all I know is that you do the look better than her!!!! LOL
    Love ya!!!
    And keep posting and chatting with us, I love it!!!!

  7. This is so pretty and feminine! I love ivory-silver-pink with the charcoal liner effect… sooo nice!

  8. CadutoDalleNuvole

    Bella tutorial!(:

  9. moviesgalore3

    I have to agree with your friend. The only mascara brushes I can use that don’t clump my eyelashes are the plastic kind. I don’t really know how else to describe them.

  10. 😀 I must say, I was extremely happy to see you using the Great Lash mascara. For some reason it’s the only mascara I’ve ever tried that actually works with my eyelashes (and that’s with the provided brush, too), but it’s the one kind that my best friend claims clumps like no other all over her lashes.

  11. D0wnWithTheSickn3ss


  12. hannah1234335

    Prince William and henry are my cousins!

  13. you are so pretty and I love your accent!

  14. ericaaamaleeek

    From what city in the UK is your accent?

  15. Your adorable

  16. love your accent.

  17. angelheartlove

    nice tiara!

  18. Pretty nice, i loved.
    Can you do something about Mari Moon ( she’s Brazilian like me ;P ) or maybe about Hayley Williams ?

    Thank you so much ^^

  19. I like it is cute 😀 don’t listen to the haters they just hate cause the don’t have ur skills keep up the good work ;D

  20. awful

  21. Silvietta7910

    You’re so focused! :D Beautiful makeup!

  22. I LOVE how you are wearing a tiara to pull back you hair! 😀 Ahaha

  23. hehe so cute how she always does the bunny nose wiggle after putting on her lip color. Anyone who dislikes this sweet woman is crazy! Been watching the videos for a long time! Keep it up!

  24. why you wear tiara and the same ring?this is not good

  25. kakesmonster90

    6:19 Bewitched