Great Lengths Hair Extensions Ultrasonic Wedding Makeover How to

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  1. once having this extension, can I color my hair, make the roots, all this stuff?

  2. Beautiful job 🙂

  3. she looks like demi moore

  4. We have videos on Seamless Hair Extensions application and removal my youtube channel is simplyext

  5. what do they look like when the roots grow out to inch level or more if the ends are fused it must look/feel weird close to the scalp?

  6. you are the best and most neat application technician i have ever seen…such a beautiful job

  7. HairExtensionSavvy

    The ultrasonic application was specifically designed to create flat bonds. As the tips of the Ultrasonic tweezers come together they completely purge the bond through the clients hair- this leaves no possibility of air bubbles inside the bond, which can sometimes cause bonds to fall out. We would advise against rolling Ultrasonic bonds. Thanks

  8. HairBeauty4You

    Can you use both flat keratin and curved bonds with the ultrasonic?

  9. HairBeauty4You

    How much did the 130 pieces cost ?I mean the full final amount?

  10. This is the ONLY ONE technique and the first! (but this is also the most expensive) This is the only one technique which doesn’t damage your hair!!!!!!
    THE ONLY ONE!!! please tell your friend! the other techniques are not good for your hair! When you put other hair extension, you loose it and also your own hait at the same time!!!!!!!! this technique is not hot, so it doesn’t damage your hair.Okay!! so now I’m fine! 😀

  11. robertoalexandr

    hello is great that this video is having soun now!!! i’m havin a special passion for extensions too!!!
    realy nice work!! all the best