EXOTIC bollywood Bridal wedding inspired make up tutorial

Wedding Type Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. moyaisawesome

    Hey? Is there something wrong with your ear? It’s pink!

  2. soccersmygame1

    Can I say that you have THE most amazing eyebrows in the world!!! And your teeth are lovely 🙂 wish mine could look like that… Thanks for uploading!

  3. the one snoring in the back is her dog… forgot its name thou…

  4. i heard someone snoring at the back..LOL!

  5. shut up

  6. Hahahahaha that’s too funny! The snoring in the back:) I don’t know how she didn’t find that funny at all? I’d have like 50 cuts before I finally gave up on my tutorial. lol Totally LOVED it!!!!

  7. Rachael240400

    Shitty stick love ittt xx

  8. I love this! It’s so beautiful and you are absolutely adorable. Thanks so much for the upload 🙂

  9. haha @ 1:41 ( dosen ma-eh) =p

  10. naturesuphoria

    Your Youtube fans are waiting patiently…

  11. Your Youtube fans are waiting patiently…

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  13. LOVE it

  14. loved the look but someone is snooring lol and thats distracting

  15. looking like an evil devil

  16. At first i thot someone is snoring at my place wen m sitting alone !! damn i was scared..watchin the video at 2 am..neway great work

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  18. ahi alguien roncando ha debido poner musica en el fondo y otro esta martillando…. debio peinarse… pero el maquillaje me encanto

  19. brittanyblueboo

    im sure you get this a lot, but i love to hear you talk:)

  20. shanmarierosejuablar

    is it ur pug snoring…

  21. made4makeup96

    Love this look 🙂 xx

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