Easy Prom and Wedding Hair Tutorial Updo Style

Wedding ceremony Style Video Rating: four / 5

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  1. Gloriia Stoqnowa

    its amazingg ;oo : )


  2. mipawithfassenupmp

    WoW:O You’re Extremely Talented and Such and Inspiration :’) Thank You For Your Videos, They’e helped me alot :’) <3

  3. ur hands r sooo fast when u braid

  4. wow, thank you so much. I saw this same hairstyle on a bollywood actress in an awards ceremony and was wondering how to do it. I’ll definitely try it.

  5. CandifiendStudio

    I think this hairdo would go perfectly with my glitter eyeliner look! So pretty Elyssa!

  6. Mailey Wadwell

    Can you make a video doing your make up in this video?

  7. you are sooooooo beautiful……

  8. MarieGamerForever

    You are sooooo pretty in this video !!!

  9. You look so gorgeous in this video ♥

  10. You would be a gorgeous bride :-))

  11. Danceismylife8701

    Omg!! I never thought thrred b a more easier way to get dressed up

  12. love the loook, sooo romantic:) your hair tutorials have been dedicated mostly heat free not to mention simple hairdos and i really appreciate that, keep up the good work:)

  13. is that a white top? I think we might have the same one if it is a top.

  14. you’re going to save so much money on your wedding. haha you’re amazing at hair and makeup – that’s already hundreds of dollars 😛

  15. indigotwinkle

    cute :)

  16. candydrop1958

    thank you! can i do this w/ layers??

  17. Runningflame1357

    If your a hunger games addict like myself this looks similar to Katniss’ hair during the interview!!!!! Love the style 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  18. totallyrandom4eva

    Say your crushes name 5 times
    Kiss your hand 10 times
    Post this on 2 videos
    Your crush will ask you out

  19. kandykissesbarbie01

    hey girlie i was wondering if u can do a hair totorial with hair down i love all u do but im looking for something to do with my hait for a wedding in sept… thanks xoxo

  20. EmiSakuraWorld

    what is with your voice?

  21. Love your happiness!
    Check out my channel for some more updos 🙂 HEAT-FREE ones too :-)

  22. MamaZebra2011

    I´ve got a tutorial ( I gave it to you in a video response) with the same result, different ways to make it but same result!!!!

  23. sherryelebeauty

    Love it! I’ve been looking for more updos for the summer! So beautiful!

  24. Elessa, I love this look & I wish I could pull this off but my hair is short. 🙁 Do you have any suggestions for a short hair that would look as beautiful as this? Btw I love your tutorials and you are my favorite person ever! Well..aside from my husband that is haha.