Easy curly updo hairstyle for medium long hair Wedding prom hair tutorial

Wedding Fashion Online video Ranking: four / 5

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  1. Rosalie Carrieri

    I don’t find you annoying and I introduce your page to all my friends too.
    I support your efforts. Negativity is just background noise like a car horn
    or a passing train…who cares…


  3. Hi Lilith, I know you are sad about not all your subscribs get a
    notification about your uploads. But i seriouly think you are every where
    now on my fronypage and it’s getting annoying and feels like you’re spaming
    with your old videos. So even though i enjoy your tutorials im gonna need
    to unsubsribe, sorry 🙁 

  4. That is amazing…and super cute!!!

  5. I have super thick, curly, butt long hair that I am required in my job to
    wear off my collar. This woman saves me from fustration and headaches
    everyday. Take a look.

  6. Do you think i could do this on my shoulder length hair

  7. hey :(( Im sorry but its kinda SAD that you’ve only got neat and sweet
    hairstyle so far. Ive read your blog and Ive know that u work about salon
    with models right? then why don’t you do something new? like messy hairdo
    thats kinda real chic like Mr SAXOBEAT,, I’m your fan and I’m sure u can do
    it! :))

  8. thanks

  9. Kelsey reichret

    How do you pin the hair?

  10. Leslie Ramirez

    does this bun fall off easily?

  11. ~squeal~ It’s gorgeous and super easy!!!

  12. Love it!

  13. ironicallyMindWaRpEd

    I love the technique where you use a small section of hair to help pull up
    the rest of the curly hair! I’ve never seen it done that way before! Thank
    you so much for showing us! C:

  14. this looks really pretty, but tangles my hair sooo bad):

  15. Арина Габуниа

    it”s wonderfull ! thanks wery muth/ надеюсь понятно написала )))) я сделаю
    эту прическу на фотосессию аристократы

  16. Júlia Szigeti

    I just became a fun of you! what you make is amazing! and seems so easy!!!!!

  17. THEN UR AWSOME!!! <3

  18. This is what Im doing for homecoming! I just love her tutorials even if i
    have trouble doing them she’s always so happy to be teaching people. thumbs

  19. It was. Though I spent quite a long time on this style, since my hair is
    not curly and it took so long to curl everything, but it was worth it, my
    grandmother loved it. All the best for 2013. x

  20. x0Hayleyx0Williamsx0

    i love your accent 🙂 Russian right? also amazing hair im so jealous

  21. wohooooo… so easy and inspiring.. 🙂

  22. gracias lindo peinado

  23. Ariel Charlotte

    What’s funny about it? It’s an accent.

  24. spudgy meemersworth

    When you do the string with your hair what do you do after that? I couldn’t
    really see what you did with that. Srry.

  25. ReMe alshahrani

    vere nicy