Curly Hair Wedding Hair Tutorial

Wedding Fashion Video clip Rating: four / 5

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  1. albie balloch

    come do my hair daven

  2. heat protectant?

  3. LikeaVictorianLady


  4. you can use micheal!!!

  5. you are the hair god.

  6. VanityChocolate

    Her smile is freaky

  7. cutecheerfreak1

    OMG she’s gorgeous <3

  8. jannabalfoort

    my friend thought you used a screwdriver lol ;p

  9. She is BEAUTIFUL.

  10. i first started watching your videos last month i was amazed!!! and now i want to be a hairdresser just like you!!!! 🙂 Daven your amazingg…..:D

  11. found one yet? ha 😀

  12. Babybunting15

    wait is she naked in this video? I love this hair btw :)

  13. yay for israel!hehe i live there 🙂
    she is beautiful!!

  14. angiecfrmthebay

    Did you let her hair air dry first or did you blow dry it? I have similar hair, but mine takes a whole day to air dry lol

  15. I have curly but not like hers.. its kinda have big and medium curls. can you do another hair tutorial for curly hairs thank u

  16. is there a difference between a curling wand and a curling iron?

  17. gimmiesomelove9

    to make you hair curly… i think :))

  18. LoveyDoveyCupcakes

    I have straight hair, why am i watching this?

  19. Hey Daven!!! LOVEEE YOU and your videos! I have medium curly hair with both s curls and spirals, but they aren’t really tight curls either. My friends and I have similar type hair and we are in desperate need of finding cute hairstyles that can spice up are boring, everyday hair. It would mean so much if you could do a video! 🙂

  20. ArtisticFaces

    I’ve got fine hair! Use me! 😉
    Love ya Daven!

  21. nicloe

  22. red