Classic Bridal updo, wedding hairstyle

Marriage ceremony Type Video clip Score: 4 / 5

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  1. dont say hairstyleS if theres only 1 hairstyle

  2. kittycatcharm

    That is not long hair…

  3. augustbentle616

    Your vid is popular on Apia

  4. Kelly is the best, isn’t she doing videos anylonger?

  5. snowflakeamber

    the french twist is a classic updo she never said a certain name just that it was a classic updo and it is haha

  6. librarygirl79

    Pretty harirstyle. But please change the caption. This is definitely not the long hair version. If I did it this way I would have a foot of hair sticking out of the top of the French Twist lol! The only fix for that I have found is to make the leftover hair into a bun or curl it but then it mostly covers the French Twist anyway. Sigh…

  7. She looks like Selena Gomez 🙂

  8. cool



  9. Inlovepink2007

    wow i love her hair so strong

  10. starbucks10v3r

    Its all lumpy in the back…

  11. pacificparadiselvr

    So much easier to do on dark short to med. hair!

  12. touchedflikka

    really pritty, but I dont really understand how she puts the buckle in =/

  13. it’s kinda messy in the back…otherwise its cute!

  14. LPSfanclub999

    could at least give a smile lady! great hairstyle perfect model

  15. 111MultiHotty111

    lovely hairdo
    looks great
    gonna try it for myself

  16. Hi Im getting married in a couple of months 😉 u have any suggestion about what haircut or hairdo I should get?
    I have black long hair, and I preferably like my hair long

  17. Such a serious bride! lol, nah, pretty model though.

  18. Nice style!

  19. cinnalicious6030

    uhhhh… that’s a French Twist isn’t it?

  20. dokhtariraany

    that girl doesn’t look soo happy in the video. lol but anyhow, i just can’t believe it took 5 mins to get her hair done! and it looks good…

  21. tried it was totally fab

  22. yes,the model is very hot!!!

  23. hahah the model looks really PO’d lol

  24. WeaTheRgrlx0x

    she has nice lips lol

  25. damn!!!!the model is a absolute beauty!!!!!