Cincinnati gets their lost wedding ring

The old saying goes – Better late than never, and it rang true for one couple from Cincinnati – Joyce and Paul Werner. Recently the couple celebrated their forty fifth wedding anniversary after they finally got reunited with the wedding band of Joyce. She lost the ring around forty years ago.

The found the ring during a bathroom remodeling job in their house where the Werner’s first tied the knot and raised their kids in the during ’70s. The wedding ring is safely back on Joyce Werner’s hand, and and she told that it fits really perfect.

63 year old Hellmich, who bought Joyce’s house, spoke to a news channel and told that she was debating on whether to redo their bathroom or not as it is original with the house, but she thought that she should go ahead. One of the contractors took the existing vanity out. Literally, the ring popped out. It was that tight behind the vanity. It even made an indention on the plaster. It was in there that tight.

After finding the ring, Hellmich reached out to Werners. She told that when she came home there was a message on her answering machine, it was Mr. Werner, and they were just happy. He told her the story of the ring, about losing it forty years ago and their anniversary was coming up. Paul told her that she just could not believe that she has found this. It is so essentially important to them.

The Werner couple wasted no time to retrieve the wedding ring. Joyce told that she was absolutely speechless. She is not not really ever speechless. It feels like it was out in the blue for forty years. They celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary yesterday. She was really missing the wedding ring for the past forty years.


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