Carmindy’s Wedding Look

Marriage ceremony Design Video Score: four / 5

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    is so so beatiful make up

  2. makeupstylehair9295

    this can be used as a daytime makeup look as well…

  3. Really? This is what alot of brides ask for…

  4. I would recommend to all future wifes that if they already know how to apply their own makeup than they should do their own makeup for their wedding. If not then they should go to a professional that they know well and know that they do your makeup right. If they go to a new makeup artist they may end up looking very different or even bad. When my mom got married she went to a makeup artist and ended up with bright blue eye shadow and was in such hurry that she didn’t have time to fix it. 

  5. LOL

  6. this doesnt look good at all! its upsetting because i love carmindy so much!

  7. Awww I have an android:/

  8. dorothysmusic05

    homegirl needs a thesaurus! ethereal isn’t the ONLY synonym to divine or beautiful….o’muhlord…O.0

  9. makeupstylehair9295

    Carmindy made the modern beauty revolution: Instead of trying to change facial features you don’t like play up the features you do like, instead of applying four or five eyeshadows for one look, stick to just two or three, even with the dramatic makeup its about bringing out the beauty that’s already there in a fun way…its so much easier and simpler to use minimal products…

  10. I DO!!!

  11. and this is especially because of my extremly pale skin(even the ivory foundations are at least a shade too dark for me.i have so far found one foundation that matches my skin tone)and i have black eyes,black eyebrows- the shape is also very specific,i never put eyeshadow/liner, cause it felt like my eyes got smaller w/ brown/black hair.i was only using lipstick/gloss,that is until i found you. and since im 32, it was in the nick of time. lots of love!im gonna fw these vids2all my friends.

  12. Carmindy, i can easily say that all i know(meaning apply on myself) of make up, i learned it from you. First and foremost, because you have the same aesthetic principles as i do – not too heavy, hard handed, but by no means boring or bland – it can be playful and/or dramatic if it is…situation-appropriate:)

  13. Talk about makeup ninja… especially when going from applying eyeliner to brushing it. BAM!

  14. RossGella4Eva

    i see where you’re coming from for sure. that happens to me sometimes as well

  15. TheGlamoresque

    I have tried that and I always feel as if the shadow makes the liner look less pigmented, I like my liner nice and dark! haha

  16. RossGella4Eva

    hey glamoresque – i used to wonder the same thing. i sort of do both interchangeably, but i think that applying the eyeshadow after the eyeliner sort of sets the liner and makes it adhere better to the eye (especially if you have oily lids like me :P) i also apply shadow over my liner on my bottom lashes because it gives the eyes a bit of a smokey effect. hope this helps 🙂

  17. Quit saying ethereal!!!!!

  18. Say etherial one more time.

  19. what highlighter are you using? It does not have it posted here!

  20. any tips for the mother of the bride? a women in her 50’s with more aging skin?

  21. i love carmindy love that she does looks lika magic

  22. TheGlamoresque

    i’ve always wanted to ask, how come you always apply eyeliner before the eyeshadow?

  23. iammyownstyle

    we love u carmindy, you always rock´s!

  24. What can I do to make a look like this last all day? I’ve tried primers, etc. but nothing seems to do the job.