Bridal make up: neutral to dramatic

Wedding Style Video Ranking: four / five

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  1. XxGoThiCxxAnGelicAxX

    Amazing , i was just gonna say the neutral´╗┐ one looks kinda like Megan fox’s
    then i saw the the tutorial you did on her look

    please do more videos , you have an amazing face and skin ­čśë

  2. pretty´╗┐ ­čÖé

  3. thank you! I have a skincare video about´╗┐ the stuff I use that is pretty accurate/current.

  4. JeanJanniePouch

    how do you keep your face that fresh and young?? what products do´╗┐ you use?

  5. More videos please´╗┐

  6. my natural eyecolor is icy gray but´╗┐ these contact work for dark eyes too. they are very opaque =)

  7. what are your natural eye color
    the reason i ask to know if the contacts your wearing would look right on me´╗┐
    please help

  8. @Safedak If i were you I would email them to make sure you ordered them and they received your payment. It´╗┐ takes about a week or so for you to get them but they should mail them definitely.

  9. gr8 u r gorgeos do more´╗┐ tutorials plllllleeeease

  10. UNiQUElY29BABYDOll


  11. i use neutrogena foundation too and rimmel’s compact powder…noway does my skin look that perfect:(´╗┐

  12. NYX eyeshadow´╗┐ base ­čśë

  13. yoislandprincess

    What kind of primer do you use? the white one´╗┐ on your eyelid?

  14. you are really´╗┐ really beautiful

  15. cupcakesandskulls

    you’re so pretty!! i loveee your hair as well.´╗┐

  16. Suubed !´╗┐ I love your eyebrows & Eyes ! Plus you do qreat makeup <3

  17. goshhhhh! you are the prettiest´╗┐ girl i have eva seen wow lol what contact lenses u wearin? x ­čÖé

  18. hahah practise makes… well better lol´╗┐

  19. thank you´╗┐ sweety!

  20. You are flawless, you make it´╗┐ look so easy Angelica!

  21. oh trust me I have my issues with my skin, I believe in moisturizing. Even if your skin is oily i believe you should keep it moisturized so I like to lather on my creams lol. and thank´╗┐ you =)

  22. awww thank you!´╗┐

  23. hahah yes I´╗┐ will allow you to wear it event though you are not a bride. Just this once though lol

  24. Neutrogena Healthy´╗┐ skin in classic Ivory ­čśë