Bollywood Indian Bridal Wedding Pink Purple Bronze Eye Makeup SuperPrincessjo

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  1. Ur really good at makeup keep up the good work

  2. SuperPrincessjo

    all Indian stores.. where you get bangles and stuff… :) goodluck..

  3. Where can I buy a bindi ?? I have always wanted to put one on because it so cute 🙂

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  5. SuperPrincessjo

    thanks so much… Sigma makeup and sigma brushes..details and links in my this video discription to buy them 🙂

  6. rekha rasaghnyaa

    its really awesome ,you are beautiful will you please tell what type of brushes, eyeshadows to be buyed for the beginners thanks for the video

  7. what colour are u in the foundation you used?

  8. SuperPrincessjo

    I have my skin care videos on my channel I share all the products and Natural method and remedies I use 🙂

  9. Todd Bittinger

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  10. What is the background music called ? 🙂 & beautiful look !

  11. DreamHopeWishLive

    Your skin and eyes are flawless!! What’s your secret for your skin?!

  12. Hartlee Adelman

    Where do u get the sticker

  13. SuperPrincessjo

    oh really? i should check her out 🙂

  14. OMG, u kinda resemble Debina Bonerjee, an actress! ur so pretty and keep up the gr8 work! 🙂

  15. I loved the lashes so much

  16. U luk soooooo pretty…

  17. not more than yours 🙂 :) 🙂

  18. reformedinchrist

    This is a very beautiful look and a great tutorial. Thank you for this video.

  19. omg your eyes look BEAUTIFULLLL 🙂 🙂 🙂

  20. Sherin Varghese

    Great look!

  21. Dominique Love

    @SuperPrincessjo your welcome ❤

  22. SuperPrincessjo

    I dont know how :)) but thanks for the compliment 🙂

  23. SuperPrincessjo

    thanxx glad u liked it

  24. SuperPrincessjo

    thanks dear 🙂

  25. SuperPrincessjo

    its called “Bindi” its a small sticker to decorate the forehead… 🙂 widely used in India