Bella Swan’s Wedding Hair from Breaking Dawn

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  1. i love your hair so much!!

  2. Hi loved all your hairstyle videos!! Could you do Rainey Qualley’s Golden globe hairstyle?

  3. rosaliehalebmw

    You Do It: Looks super elegant and perfect.

    I Do It: Looks like a cat attacked my head. -.-

  4. withinfireandice

    After watching the film again i want to ask you if you could make the curly hairstyle by Carmen Denali. I love it.

  5. Thank you soo much! Finally a tutorial that I can follow easily! By the way you are really pretty! 🙂


  7. pinning does not work they pop out be better are explaining this

  8. Just tried this style for a practice and I ended up using nearly 30 pins! I guess I wasn’t using any hair spray though 😉 Defiantly one of my favourites, thanks for uploading!

  9. Skip to 0:47

  10. yes Edward I do hahahahahahahaha

  11. why would people hate this video if you dont like kayly’s hair tutorial dont watch it then gosh

  12. I tried this style and got multiple compliments! Thank you!

  13. Try refreshing or watching it in a different browser. Or closing your browser and opening it back up. I don’t really know, that’s just what I’d try. Unfortunately ads are how websites remain free. The alternative would be having to pay for youtube. Isn’t that a crazy thought?

  14. U should do more breaking dawn tutorials!!! (:

  15. i’m sorry, i can’t understand what you typed

  16. SuperJulia296

    Her hair was all the other

  17. I know who you remind me of now!!!! Haley from One Tree Hill!!! :O My god you look just like her and you have the same name hahahaha

  18. HurriedBeauty

    If anyone wants to catch a real glimpse of what the look was. (no offense to you, Lady. This look was fantastic!!) just pause the movie when the mom gives bella her wedding gift and she is talking to Charlie. You can see her whole head from behind. : )
    Yes I have watched the movie too many times.

  19. swizzlemonster

    meh stupid add wont load so i cant watch the video…ads on youtube was the worst idea ever waste of my time….

  20. y not

  21. this does not look like it….

  22. i honestly don’t think it matters. everyone’s hair is different so you can place your bangs as you see fit. i think braiding it to the side would make it quite cute but its really up to you. hope this helps 😛

  23. я бы тоже хотела узнать как делается прическа розали из затмения во время тренировок

  24. Could you do a tutorial based on the hairstyle Rosalie had on the training scene on Eclipse? Thanks!!!!!

  25. the only thing good about that movie was the wedding hair…