Bella Swan Wedding Makeup Tutorial! Breaking Dawn: Twilight Saga

Wedding Design Video Ranking: four / 5

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  1. MissEllolisoss

    Love it!!!<3<3<3 : )

  2. Please do Bella as a vampire!!!

  3. I SO LOVE YOUR earrings <3

  4. Plz plz do your guide to your brushes !!!

  5. Mademoisellezou

    Hi Tanya i’ve found that the winter nights ( a chanel quad) it’s what the makeup artist;Stacey Panepinto,really used on Bella to do this look

  6. You are GORGEOUS!!! You are the best youtube makeup guru!!! I watch them all, I should know!! :) Kelly xo

  7. love it!

  8. ICaughtAFallingStar

    I did this look the other day and it’s just so beautiful and natural. thank you so much!

  9. this is sooooo pretty! love not only the makeup but the hair, earring and sweater–something I really feel like I can pull off myself. 🙂 Thanks so much

  10. MissSnagglepuss

    Your tutorial was perfect!! Other people did it too dark and the makeup was too heavy but yours is spot on! I got tears in my eyes when she walked down the aisle haha 🙂

  11. i watched every bella-wedding-makeup tutorial on youtube but yours is the best. yours is professional, but the other ones are not qualitative.

  12. AvasBeautyTalk

    This is such a beautiful look!

  13. This is probably your best tutorial to date! and I have see all of them! Sooooo great!

  14. looove this!! thank you!!

  15. you wear a beautiful cardigan, where do you bought it??
    this video is such amazing!! love you and kisses from germany ;)

  16. ourlittlelamb

    u just get lovelier and lovelier 

  17. This is beautiful! I cried during that scene too, I cried through a lot of it lol. I definitely have to try out this look.

  18. makeupgirl1122

    YOUR SO GOOD AT MAKEUP I LOVE UR TURORIALS !!! 🙂 I’m doing this look for school tomorrow!!!

  19. Haven’t seen twilight but this is a nice makeup!

  20. YESSS a video on brushes would be VERY useful! I have small packages of Sephora brushes but I don’t know which other brushes I should get.

  21. xXGirlforeverXx

    definitely the best bella wedding tutorial out there ! ♥

  22. wow! this is really pretty. could also be an everyday look because its simple. 🙂 really love it. Will try it on tomorrow! 🙂

  23. Team Edward or team Jacob??;D

  24. I love this, you did it beautifully and it suits you so much!

  25. You are so incredibly beautiful, it’s really astounding