Beautiful Wedding Hair Bow Updo Tutorial

Wedding Type Movie Score: four / five

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  1. chocolate271208

    Can’t wait to put my hands on someone’s hair and do this. SOOOOOOOOO PREEEEEEETY! More power to you! <3

  2. Love this! Thank you! .-_-

  3. dreamer13htown

    you’re so talented boy! do you have a vid on how to secure bobby pins? i have so much trouble with this. haha! im just starting out practicing on a manikin head i bought =)

  4. you are a cutie 🙂

  5. man you are cute o__O

  6. I wouldn’t put them all together but I did learn new techniques I wanna try out now :)

  7. Omg you’re so talented!

  8. I don’t do makeup, nor do I know anything about makeup or hair, but you are one talented dude. I saw someone comment to you on their profile so decided to take a look. Your friends must love having you around with all the info. and techniques you have to offer.

  9. MegaBuffylove

    so i showed this video to my teacher and she loved it lol she started watching all of your hair videos lol 🙂

  10. JoshuaGottlieb

    A true talent.

  11. genius, talent, beautiful, amazing! :)

  12. Hi, I can’t enter the link of the photo’s that you asked for, I have tried a few but none work.
    But if you type “ryan gosling hairstyle drive” into Google and click images, they will come up.
    So the second image “ryan2.jpeg, the gq magazine below,or the “stock-photo-cannes” one on the third row. I know it’s a lot to ask but any help on it at all would be great.
    Great videos, have learned a hell of a lot, thanks

  13. you r very creative in ur skills 

  14. ChrisRushtonable

    can you inbox me a google link of the photo you like!

  15. ChrisRushtonable

    Thank you so much!

  16. ChrisRushtonable

    Hope you work it out love!

  17. ChrisRushtonable

    You made my night!

  18. love you Chris, im not interested in hair but watched it anyhow, lol. youre really good !

  19. maggiemaycullen

    hi! love this updo! cant wait to try it out -xxx-

  20. MegaBuffylove

    im so doing this at school Friday! 😀

  21. MegaBuffylove

    actually hair bows are becoming big in updos…. 

  22. Although ppl in the comments say you think too much out of the box, in my opinion this is an awsome way to learn learn techniques.
    In future can you do some really crazy, extreme, huge, out of the box type of styles?:) I would love to see those.^^

  23. dennis1961able

    Hi ,
    Ummm I don’t know how to send you the link to Veronica Lakes hair style, but if you type in her name an war time style it should come up because she was very instumental in the women in the war changing thier hair so as not to catch it in the machinery when women began working in the factories to aid in the war effort. Please give it a try, I love the look and need someone to show me how to achieve it.

  24. Where’d u get ur mannequin? it has nice flowing hair…mine has stiff, bushy nest of hair and its not easy to do a neat style on it 🙁 !

  25. verryyyy niceeee;pp