Beautiful Wedding Hair Bow Tutorial

Wedding ceremony Fashion Online video Rating: four / five

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  1. me gusta el moño <3

  2. jzzzzawesome2000

    Say iPhone five times
    Post on two other vids
    Look under ur pillow

  3. cool

  4. Guys use common sense…..its used so that she wont burn her hand -.-

  5. MerinesShinku

    you don’t have to use hair velcro! you can just use stockings 😀 just shape it into a little bump, put it in your hair and viola!

  6. LovePotion2011

    @boltoms I just fall inlove with you 😉

  7. Stephaniee01997

    Who uses a glove to curl hair ……da dumb ass …lol

  8. VictoriaLoveKim

    .. I have your curling iron exactly the same but red

  9. nicole garcia

    wow impresionante!

  10. caarlyy faabiiolaa martinez

    Que es lo que se pone abajo? no lo encuentro en mi pais! 

  11. thats what i thought!!!!

  12. so she don’t burn her fingers with the curling iron

  13. domenica diaz


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  15. NO
    this is only girls ПОНТЫ

  16. i love u!

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  18. it must have been a hard time taking all those bobby pins off.

  19. Plz tell me y’all see y’all see the glove 2 ?? Why is that used??:)

  20. beautifull

  21. i wanna marry you… :) xD

  22. جاناء احمد

     رووووعه نااابيس

  23. nadiamonserrat


  24. omg and I’m not even able to tie a regular ponytail xD
    then how the f.. could I do something like that?? It’s beautiful!

  25. Just beautifull!