Beautiful & Glowing Wedding Make-up Tutorial

Wedding Design Video clip Rating: four / 5

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  1. musiclovers13579

    everytime i watch her videos her nails are differet

  2. garciamaricela1486

    Have a great wedding. And congratulations. Have fun.

  3. Please please PLEASE transform into One Direction!!!

  4. she looks amazing

  5. You are so buetiful

  6. Just a suggestion, i think that you should use more matte colors in your makeup tutorials because for some people, (like me) shimmery colors makes you look too sparkly and just doesn’t work out for their type of face.

  7. Love you 2! 😀 <3 Ur the best makeup guru ever!

  8. Thank you for this tutorial!!! I use it today and everyone love it!

  9. so beautiful!!

  10. i love your videos….but i’m not a big fan of the music going fading in and out…it’s really more of a distraction than anything….possibly just have it in the background?  I love what you do and continue to love your tutorials! :0) Cheers!

  11. Love this look !

  12. darrencrisslovesme

    I did this tuorial on my aunt for her wedding, she looked amazing thank you so much 🙂

  13. pokeclaycreations121

    I want to look like that everyday! Could you do a tutorial about make-up brushes?
    stanleylovesme 2 days ago 11

  14. You,re so beautiful

  15. I love the makeup! You are so inspiring to me and I love you! intent with what you do, you’re so fabulous. And you are so beautiful with and without makeup! 🙂

    xox Sandra <3

  16. ForeverYoung541

    i’ve always wondered,why did you start making transformation videos,they’re really good.

  17. How do you get a foundation that matches your skin so well? Whenever I have one that I think is right, it’s either too dark or too light – and noticeably so – so my face and neck end up not matching the rest of my body. :/

  18. what gel eyeliner r u using

  19. You Should Do A “Get To Know Me” Tag !


  21. Awesome your tutorials are so realistic

  22. whiterosepetals07

    Natural looking false lash is such an oxymoron

  23. You’re so gorgeous. (:

  24. You look really pretty 🙂 did you buy the dress just to make the tutorial ? Or that was the actual dress for your wedding? Lol