Wedding Style Online video Ranking: four / 5

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  1. EyelashWishes99

    N:”it’s from my days of fighting”, S:”na, it’s not though”, N:”no, it’s from chicken pox” haha. Love watching your videos :)

  2. ASkyFullofDiamonds

    Oh I definitely am EXACTLY the same :’)

  3. This is so pretty!!

  4. woooooow that’s look is sooooo amazing

  5. could I get a dupe for wreckage? I can’t quite tell what it looks like in the pan. any shimmer in? it’s a chocolatey sort of brown, yes?

  6. ShimmeringSharingan

    Do i look like bella swan yet??
    hahah you’re definitely really pretty!!! :) :):):)

  7. I didn;t want this one to end! Lovely x

  8. What’s the name of the first pencil she use ?

  9. Please click like if you want a tutorial of actual make-up and hair! much love from the StatesXXOO

  10. Nic you look amazing and since this was a ways back could we see a tutorial of how Sam got your hair done for your wedding, it looked so gorgeous! Much love to you both from the states!!!XXOO

  11. I love this look

  12. I think you can and should! This would photograph lovely and isn’t too glam or “out there” so you certainly won’t be taking anything away from the bride. I believe it’s perfectly acceptable for a guest of a wedding.

  13. Can I use Bella Swan wedding make up for attending my friend’s wedding?

  14. I could watch your makeup tutorials ALL DAY. Literally. If I have down time, this is what I do. If I don’t want to study for a test, this is what I do. If there is nothing good on tv, this is what I do. I’m addicted :]

  15. O!MY!GOODNESS! the head piece is LOVELY! don’t get me wrong the makeup is stunning too but im actually speechless on the first hair piece! thanks for the video :D

  16. Everything about this video is gorgeous….jus stunning! Ypu are beautiful and both sosters very talented !!!!!!!!!

  17. Nic is so pretty! A true British beauty. <3 I love you both! You guys are fantastic make-up artists!

  18. exactly

  19. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous !!!!! x x

  20. Can you do a video showing us all of your makeup like just lay it all out on a table so we can see it!

  21. i absolutely love those hair pieces. they look stunning on you.

  22. Do you have a list of the products you used?

  23. I love that you went for the fan in the end :)

  24. Nic, I also really love your rosy cheeks! And you look soooo much like Jim in this video!!