Wedding Hair Styles

Wedding Style Online video Score: four / five

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  1. SkinnySexyBride

    Finishing off some of these styles with jeweled hair clips is a nice (and simple) touch. Wonderful video!

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  3. “The Book of Love” is what it’s called.

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  5. MissMarieTurner

    peter gabriel, book of love

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  8. macar0n1murderlady

    2:03 is how I want to do my hair when I get married. It’s so elegant and beautiful. I’m not really a fan of uptight updo’s. 🙂

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  10. Book of love, peter gabriel

  11. LoveAllHearts

    The song is the book of love this particular version is by Peter Gabriel.

  12. scandalous186

    I want to have 1:44 (but in black)

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  16. HellenBilling82

    The Book Of Love – Peter Gabriel…=)

  17. sunshiniiteLUVsMAC

    0:44 OMG! my FAv

  18. i like it 😉

  19. andrewpacumio

    Nice video

  20. Hey good job!awsome collection. Can you suggest me as where i can get these hairstyle tutorials? can u pls post them if u have?

  21. thecuppycakegirl1012

    1:05… she looks like taylor swift in that Love story song! haha… she’s beautiful1 🙂

  22. This is the most beautiful video ever…

  23. GirlForTheLord

    does somebody know the songwriter. i love this song but i don`t know the name from the artist.

  24. I thought the Pogues, then Peter Gabriel. And here it is:
    The Book of Love: Peter Gabriel

  25. they are so  beautiful