Wedding ceremony Style Video Score: four / five

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  1. I bought an amazing camcorder in 2000. The Sony Handycam which used digital Hi8 cassette tapes. It had crystal clear outdoor video and better than average indoor. It still beats some of the newer Handycams although it is heavy and outdated and it’s getting harder to buy hi8 tapes. Because of that we use mini dvd handycam which doesn’t have near the clear picture as the hi8 did and was really a huge waste of money.

  2. This was in 2008. If I recall, good video cameras weren’t really around.

  3. very true.. I like this

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  5. I wanna get married now!

  6. your really pretty with you hair down!!!

  7. Watch my makeup video! 🙂

  8. not true ! :p

  9. I love her videos! : )

  10. your so pretty you don’t need to apply make up to look pretty

  11. SkinnySexyBride

    WOW! This is fantastic… Seems relatively easy for brides to tackle!

  12. Yayayay I’m so excited to try this! Thankyou so much for uploading all your videos, they are amazing 🙂

  13. She does now xD Look at the upload date here xD

  14. Sorry…..but you need to use a better video camera.

  15. lindos olhos você tem.

  16. muito gatinha

  17. Selsbiggestfan4ever

    Can you do something for like.. a first date??

  18. helllo giirlls i made a new channel please hek it out

  19. Love your tutorial and accent!

  20. She’s known as panacea81, not sure if she has uploaded any new ones. She’s been on UK show This Morning.

  21. she no longer upload new videos right ??

  22. this is the first makeup tutorial I ever watched, that was 3 years ago and now I’m addicted lol

  23. Press2GetTheCookie

    bacteria? wash your hands..

  24. I hate rubbing my cream in my hands like that, then all the moisture goes in your hands instead on your face + the bacteria in your hands.

  25. in hd please ^^! beautiful