Perfect Wedding – Bridal Make-Up

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  1. Gross, too heavy sorry

  2. The alice and wonderland pallete was released by urban decay a few years ago (along with the release of the Tim Burton real life movie of the tale). Your best luck to find this pallete would be to search ebay or amazon BUT as a fore-warning this pallete can run anywhere from 75-100 dollars! (I know because I was hardcore looking into it until I saw the huge price tag placed on it since it was a limited edition thing) ANYWAY I hoped this helped you! 🙂

  3. Screw getting married! I’m wearin this to wal mart

  4. i’m not sure if this was asked but are you using the regular formula or the pharmaceutical formula?

  5. She said in the video that any colors you have that are close to hers is fine. I did that.

  6. Kandee you are gorgeous & your videos are easy for girls to understand, follow & learn !

  7. @permadawn….you’re an idiot !! Use your imagination; hair done, jewellery on, dress on!!!

  8. You’re so beautiful <3 I mean without make up too

  9. Soooooo matte, omg. It makes her face look kind of dirty…

  10. kateandjaelynn01

    kandee plz tell me were you got alice in wonderland pallet!!!!!!!

  11. HAHAHA uhm I don’t know why I’m watching this but I’m really down for snow bunnies. Dude you’re very pretty without make up.

  12. thats unreal i want one lol… check out my vids, thanks

  13. Hi,
    I would REALLY appreciate any support on my channel. Im not just looking for a subscribers but to make friends as well&have fun. Please check out my videos..theres much more to come! Also I will be doing a sigma brush and naked palette2 GIVEAWAY when I get to 1000 subscribers.

    Ps) I’ve been a makeup artist for a few years now so if there’s any questions you have or requests let me know. I will do a video response or tutorial for you.

    Much love, and thank you :)x

    Nicole x

  14. Kandee! I am getting married in December of 2014 and my colors are purple black and sliver. The theme for our wedding is a deep purple Tim Burton romantic look. My wedding dress is white with either a black or purple sash! I need help with my makeup! I don’t want it to be too light, I want to bring some of the dark romance feel to my face. Please please help me!!!

    Amber Renee!!

  15. Can you please tell me in detail what the larenim makeup is called?

  16. dinar, she have link below the video

  17. What Air Brush Foundation Is This?

  18. i have a question please answer lol i would appreciate it. If you can, do you have ways for my lower eye lashes to actually spread outward beacuse everytime i put mascara on them it sways to the side and i have almond eyes i guess and it just looks so weird and its frustrating ): please and thank you

  19. this was very beautiful. i have very very oily eye lids. every time i use eyeshadow it creases within 5 mins. I’ve tried urban decay primer potion and nyx but both didnt work. i dont want to spend so much money on a product and have it not work out for me. do you have any recommendations?

  20. what shade of DINAIR did you use?

  21. sigh….wish I could afford Mac and Urban Decay, St, Tropez, etc… so, for us people who cannot afford name brand, will ”
    knock offs” work?

  22. uban decay and mac

  23. it is not a good idea to sleep in your make up & you know that as make up artist.

  24. I love this look!! Its SOOOO pretty!! <3

  25. What make up is it again?