Feb 14

Wedding Hair: Bridal Hairstyle with Volume

Wedding ceremony Design Online video Rating: 4 / 5

Feb 14

Police dog eats up wedding ring

A lady recovered her £ 18000 marriage ring 2 days after her dog ate it up. Jack, the trainee police dog, swallowed Angie Collins’s diamond wedding band. This took Mrs Collins just 2 days of waiting and sorting the dog’s poop before the diamond appeared.

Fifty one year old Mrs Collins from Exmouth, Devon, told that he thought it was futile, just give up. But the sun was shining, and there it was. Mrs Collins looks after trainee police dogs. She had left her wedding band on a side table when she groomed her nails on 23rd December. Continue reading →

Jan 14

Khamit Kinks~ The Natural Bride, Bridal Hair, Wedding Day Hair

Marriage ceremony Design Movie Rating: four / five

Jan 14

Wienermobile works as Cinderella’s carriage

The carriage was not quite sparkling pulled by 4 white horses. Still, newly married Jason Platt and Erin Lounsberry would not have been glad with anything without the carriage for which the couple has been influencing since September to transport them from their wedding ceremony in Davenport’s St. Paul Lutheran Church to their reception in Rock Island’s Black Hawk State Historic Site. Continue reading →

Dec 13

Boudoir Wedding Make-up 2 – Make-up Artist: Makeover Me! by Victoria, Jakarta

Wedding ceremony Style Movie Rating: 5 / five

Nov 13

Pretty Bridal/Bridesmaid~WEDDING Make-Up!

Wedding Type Video Score: four / five

Nov 13

Wedding Make Up in Sardinia – trucco sposa

Marriage Design Movie Score: 5 / five

Oct 13

Exo member fans cause turmoil

This incident is the newest in K-pop celeb stalking by rabid rooters. Diehard rooters of the well known K-pop band Exo break open in the marriage ceremony of the brother of Exo’s Baek Hyun and they made some trouble at the wedding, stated an anonymous eye witness.

Another insider stated that the rooters begun making a fuss when the Exo members came. When the members of the band stepped ahead to sing a song, a huge group of rooters rushed towards them and all of them stood on chairs to take snaps and videos.

The source added that when the pair cut the wedding cake – the rooters all gathered and blocked the way for other people present at the wedding ceremony. The snap revealed by the insider reveals more than ten rooters surrounding all the Exo members and lifting cameras. Another snap posted on Exo online fan account reveals Baek Hyun’s blushing face.

Another post on the internet by a person asking to be the cousin of Baek Hyun’s stated that around half the people at the marriage ceremony followed the members of Exo around, taking snaps and shouting. The person who claimed to be the cousin told that the bride was really shocked. Baek Hyun just repeatedly apologized to her in the waiting room.

Another eye witness stated that the rooters approached the singers relentlessly. The fans did it even after the band members asked them not to approach them and hey would sign their autographs later.