Kate Middleton Wedding Make Up Tutorial

Wedding ceremony Design Movie Ranking: five / 5

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  1. I think this is spot on!

  2. you are just fabulous! Really enjoyed watching this xx

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  4. Hi, great vid! Where abouts do you buy the salt spray for your hair?

  5. Thanks so much for this tutorial, kate looked so beautiful. This is a lovely look xx

  6. PhantomLittle

    I liked your video! It was lovely!!! Thank you for taking the time out to do this for us. I sooooo enjoyed the Royal Wedding and I was wondering how Kate did her makeup. Gorgeous! You’re very good at what you do! 🙂

  7. lilyhawthorne

    i liked it and im glad you didnt fast forward to make it shorter
    that drives me crazy!

  8. Glad you like this! Thanks 🙂 The Look of Leeds was a great experience…I didn’t win but did enjoy the hair do, make-up & catwalk!

  9. Love this make up! How was the look of leeds? 🙂 xx

  10. :-)