Kate Middleton Royal Wedding Make Up Tutorial

Marriage ceremony Design Video clip Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. LOL because I wanna be a princess too x]

  2. haha :D people always tell me I do that :p thank yo x

  3. i just love how you talk with your hands :) It makes it more fun to watch~ <3

  4. she really did :) and thank you :D x

  5. Kate looked really pretty that day :D Great tutorial you did inspired by her makeup :D Thanks! :) 

  6. me too :) x

  7. kate looked beautiful at the wedding! i loved her dress.

  8. iluvcokeandsprite

    i think the whole world watched it on TV if they couldnt make it to the actual wedding! :)

  9. I didn’t go to the actual wedding but we all watched it on TV :) and that;s cute :D xx

  10. Unfortunately I won’t be able to do the look in that time sweetie :( if you need one in the future I’ll probabaly need a good few weeks notice. Have a great time though! x

  11. TheIceAngel97

    im going this saturday… that’s not much time…. sorry about the short notice….

  12. iluvcokeandsprite

    man, ur eyes look so different without the makeup!!! in the begining how u had one eye with makup and the other without, u could really tell the difference!

    did u go to the royal wedding ceremony since u live in the U.K.? my mom woke me up at 4 in the morning to watch it even tho i didnt ask her to! xD

    LAST ONE! I PROMISE! in the video i watched of u b4 this, i almost posted a comment saying “can u plz do one of kate middleton?” lol then i saw this and decided to watch it

  13. ahh ok, I don’t think Simple is available in Denmark right now but if it is I’ll let you know :D x

  14. a6lovinggirl12

    no, i’m from denmark! ;)

  15. hmm..when are you going to the party? x

  16. :D awww that is SO sweet :D thank you!!!! x

  17. TheIceAngel97

    Hey Chyaz! I just wanted to know if you could do like a derby day (like horses and stuff) makeup look… I’m going to a party and can’t find a look anywhere… :(

  18. “i wanna be a princess too!” hahaha, ok actually u are a princess! the princess of make up!
    good job! xxxx

  19. thank you so much :D and are you in the UK? x

  20. :D  thank you my lovely :D x

  21. a6lovinggirl12

    i love this look! you are sooo gorgeus<3
    where can you buy simple products?


  23. hehe :p I felt silly at first but thanks :D

  24. hahaha it looks so cute with the veil ^^

  25. because she is future queen and he is going to be king!