How to achieve perfect wedding hair

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  1. – Do the same to the other sections.
    – When done, use a hairdryer (hottest setting at lowest power) for 10 mins until hair is completely dry. Keep the rollers in for as long as possible!
    – Unravel hair and comb through very gently. If you don’t want separate curls, brush your hair very gently with a soft brush. Spray with hairspray to finish.
    – Your hair will naturally fall throughout the day and evening, but you can spruce it back into shape with more hairspray. Bring hairpins too.

  2. Brides beauty editor’s tips:
    The best way to curl your hair is
    – Wash your hair but don’t put conditioner in it as this will weigh the hair down a little
    – Blow dry it until it’s half dry
    – Tie your hair up loosely, leaving some hair free underneath.
    – Separate that into a couple of sections and roll each one into velcro rollers. As you prepare each section to be rolled, spray with a lightweight styling spray…

  3. Hi im doing my hair myself on my wedding day but when i put rollers in, my curls fall out after a little while, can u help me by telling me what i should put on my hair b4 i roll it? many thanks

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