hair tutorial : how to wedding hair style #1 ( prom , party )

Wedding ceremony Fashion Online video Ranking: 4 / five

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  1. xlandjsilvers

    @MildredEThompson AW thank you so much!!!!!!

  2. i just love her hair……..

  3. xlandjsilvers

    i don’t really remember , i did tell my hairstylist i want brown.

  4. what color is your hair

  5. purpleprophecy

    this was SO good. 🙂

  6. xlandjsilvers

    thank you

  7. TheSiLenCe1050

    u have beautiful hair :]

  8. Gabriella2141

    wow beautiful

  9. AvrilLavignesong123

    no love story by taylor swift

  10. xlandjsilvers

    yeah i am vietnamese .

  11. are you Viet? love ur hair tutorial…luk simple . I’m totally clueless about all hairdo

  12. xlandjsilvers

    i am glad you like it

  13. pixiew0o0tles

    your video inspires me 🙂 keep making more!

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  14. you’re very pretty.

  15. missciasiabmuas

    love this hair tutorial.. very beautiful and elegant.

  16. Fashionista2071

    Stop paying for your make up girllll<3 MAC is giving away over a million dollars in free make up this month lol dont believe me check it out
    replace the dot part with a real dot obviously 😀
    ALSO, what kinda eye shadow are you wearing? i luvvvvz it!

  17. xlandjsilvers

    thanks alot

  18. thekittyupstairs

    wow this hairstyle is gorgeous! i will try it tomorrow 🙂

  19. xlandjsilvers

    when the video just play the song is ” HALO -BEYONCE SINGING ” , during the video ” LOVE STORY -TAYLOR” THANK YOU

  20. What the name of Song? Your have beautiful hair

  21. Cool…i loved!!!!!!

  22. xlandjsilvers

    thank you guys

  23. I will try this one, I get bored of just twisting my hair up everyday. 🙂

  24. surf1ncybersis

    So beautiful ! No heat. Just beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I will try on my sister! Sue