Feb 14

Police dog eats up wedding ring

A lady recovered her £ 18000 marriage ring 2 days after her dog ate it up. Jack, the trainee police dog, swallowed Angie Collins’s diamond wedding band. This took Mrs Collins just 2 days of waiting and sorting the dog’s poop before the diamond appeared.

Fifty one year old Mrs Collins from Exmouth, Devon, told that he thought it was futile, just give up. But the sun was shining, and there it was. Mrs Collins looks after trainee police dogs. She had left her wedding band on a side table when she groomed her nails on 23rd December. Continue reading →

Jan 14

Wienermobile works as Cinderella’s carriage

The carriage was not quite sparkling pulled by 4 white horses. Still, newly married Jason Platt and Erin Lounsberry would not have been glad with anything without the carriage for which the couple has been influencing since September to transport them from their wedding ceremony in Davenport’s St. Paul Lutheran Church to their reception in Rock Island’s Black Hawk State Historic Site. Continue reading →

Oct 13

Exo member fans cause turmoil

This incident is the newest in K-pop celeb stalking by rabid rooters. Diehard rooters of the well known K-pop band Exo break open in the marriage ceremony of the brother of Exo’s Baek Hyun and they made some trouble at the wedding, stated an anonymous eye witness.

Another insider stated that the rooters begun making a fuss when the Exo members came. When the members of the band stepped ahead to sing a song, a huge group of rooters rushed towards them and all of them stood on chairs to take snaps and videos.

The source added that when the pair cut the wedding cake – the rooters all gathered and blocked the way for other people present at the wedding ceremony. The snap revealed by the insider reveals more than ten rooters surrounding all the Exo members and lifting cameras. Another snap posted on Exo online fan account reveals Baek Hyun’s blushing face.

Another post on the internet by a person asking to be the cousin of Baek Hyun’s stated that around half the people at the marriage ceremony followed the members of Exo around, taking snaps and shouting. The person who claimed to be the cousin told that the bride was really shocked. Baek Hyun just repeatedly apologized to her in the waiting room.

Another eye witness stated that the rooters approached the singers relentlessly. The fans did it even after the band members asked them not to approach them and hey would sign their autographs later.

Aug 13

The Fosters shows a same sex marriage ceremony

The Fosters of ABC Family makes history Monday when lesbian mothers Lena (Sherri Saum) and Stef (Teri Polo) get hitched in television’s first gay marriage since the demise of DOMA. The event was going to take place with or without the landmark ruling of the Supreme Court on gay marriage.

According to producers Bradley Bredeweg and Peter Paige, the wedding ceremony was designed from the get-go, though the TV series is set in California where same sex weddings were not recognized as legal till June this year.

Peter Paige told that they knew the Supreme Court would likely make its decision before they shot the episode. If they had ruled the other way; they would have still gone ahead. But as the Supreme Court did rule the way it did, it was an even more resonant celebration.

The wedding ceremony was being shot on the Warner Bros. Bredeweg told that the timing was real crazy. All of the people behind the cameras were in tears celebrating two magnificent moments. It was really a beautiful day.

Lena and Stef will be joined at the weddings by their raucous brood of adopted, biological and foster kids, and Stef’s mother Sharon (Annie Potts), who attempts to strong arm Stef’s father Frank (Sam McMurray). Also on hand are Lena’s parents Stewart (Stephen Collins) and Dana (Lorraine Toussaint), with the first officiating the wedding ceremony.

Bredeweg told that they were very grateful that their young viewers are passionately investing in this non-traditional family. They were the ones who would bring about the real change in this world.

Jun 13

Wedding ceremony via Skype

In spite of not being able to attend his daughter’s marriage ceremony in Prince George, BC, Terry Bell was able to watch her walk down the aisle, at Bruyere’s Saint-Vincent Hospital in Ottawa in Canada, thanks to technology.

Terry Bell has been a patient there for the past twelve years and she had multiple sclerosis. On Sunday, sporting a tuxedo, Bell saw Shauna, his oldest daughter, “I do” via Skype video chat.

Terry’s brother Gerry Bell spoke on his behalf and he told that his brother if really delighted. Terry has tears of happiness and more importantly, his family is very precious to him. Patricia Bell, Terry’s niece, told that weddings are a huge deal for most families and especially girls always want their dads to be present there and this is just such a big scope for Shauna to have her dad present at the wedding ceremony.

When hospital staffs found out about the marriage, they wanted to all the things they could to be a part of this special occasion, stated communications manager Andrea MacLean. She added that it is always very important to enhance the lives of their patients so any scope they get to do something, be it large or small, they try to see what they could do.

There were beautiful decorations, photographs of the couple, champagne and snacks in the 6th floor boardroom for the event. After the marriage ceremony, Shauna and her husband Aaron delivered a really special message to her dad. Shauna told, “Hi dad, I love you so much, I’m so happy you could be a part of this.”

Apr 13

Hong Kong court listens to a transsexual marriage case

A lady, who was actually born a man, has snatched her battle to tie the knot with her boyfriend, the top court of Hong Kong. The lady, whose name was not revealed, went through a gender change at a hospital few years ago. Her lawyer argued that she is now listed as female on identity card as well as her passport, and she is considered as a lady in all other aspect of life.

Hong Kong’s wedding registry has denied her request as her birth certificate still considers her as male. The government stated that she could not get married because this would constitute a same sex wedding that is not legal in Hong Kong.

The woman’s lawyer stated that the laws of wedding could and should recognize that sexual identity might change. He said that the subject of same sex wedding was not really relevant to this case. The lady’s gender alteration operation had been considered a medically necessary, and that was been performed at a public hospital with government funds.

The lady’s birth certificate that could not be changed under the Hong Kong law, still shows her as male. One of the judges asked that whether this was a case which could be solved through the courts only. He added that the issue might require to be resolved via legislation. The lady took her case to Court of Final Appeal following Hong Kong’s High Court rule against her case in the year 2010.

Mar 13

Romantic wedding places in Detroit

You are all set to tie the knot, and you want your marriage to be a unique and special one just like your relationship. Now, the Metro Detroit region offers a huge range of places to tie the knot – theaters, music halls, restaurants, beautiful historical churches and many more. But if none of these spots appear like the perfect for your marriage ceremony, then there are no needs to worry, there are several other places where you can chose from.

A wedding ceremony on a yacht is a good option, ya you are right, you can have a magnificent marriage ceremony on  yachts in St Clair shores. The cost for a for a four hour cruise would cost $ 9700. But this can be done without thinking twice if you really want to make your wedding a memorable one.

Another place could be Detroit Zoo. If you have thought of a marriage ceremony in the midst of nature with butterflies fluttering or birds chirping, this zoo could be the right place for you. Inside, the zoo, there are just a few places where they allow wedding and selecting a place mostly depends on how many guests you tend to invite. The zoo is located at Royal Oak at 8450 W. 10 Mile Road.

Tying the knot in a castle can also be romantic. There is a castle like house called The Whitney that was built in the year 1894. This is really good place for a fairy tale marriage. There are twenty one fireplaces and fifty two rooms. If you do not like this, then a rustic farm is another option for you. The Tollgate Education Conference Center, which i owned by the Michigan State University, is a 160 acre farm land for you. It was built in the year 1800 by Samuel Bassett.

Feb 13

Cincinnati gets their lost wedding ring

The old saying goes – Better late than never, and it rang true for one couple from Cincinnati – Joyce and Paul Werner. Recently the couple celebrated their forty fifth wedding anniversary after they finally got reunited with the wedding band of Joyce. She lost the ring around forty years ago.

The found the ring during a bathroom remodeling job in their house where the Werner’s first tied the knot and raised their kids in the during ’70s. The wedding ring is safely back on Joyce Werner’s hand, and and she told that it fits really perfect.

63 year old Hellmich, who bought Joyce’s house, spoke to a news channel and told that she was debating on whether to redo their bathroom or not as it is original with the house, but she thought that she should go ahead. One of the contractors took the existing vanity out. Literally, the ring popped out. It was that tight behind the vanity. It even made an indention on the plaster. It was in there that tight.

After finding the ring, Hellmich reached out to Werners. She told that when she came home there was a message on her answering machine, it was Mr. Werner, and they were just happy. He told her the story of the ring, about losing it forty years ago and their anniversary was coming up. Paul told her that she just could not believe that she has found this. It is so essentially important to them.

The Werner couple wasted no time to retrieve the wedding ring. Joyce told that she was absolutely speechless. She is not not really ever speechless. It feels like it was out in the blue for forty years. They celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary yesterday. She was really missing the wedding ring for the past forty years.