Bridal make up: neutral to dramatic

Wedding Style Video Ranking: four / five

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  1. XxGoThiCxxAnGelicAxX

    Amazing , i was just gonna say the neutral one looks kinda like Megan fox’s
    then i saw the the tutorial you did on her look

    please do more videos , you have an amazing face and skin ;)

  2. pretty :)

  3. thank you! I have a skincare video about the stuff I use that is pretty accurate/current.

  4. JeanJanniePouch

    how do you keep your face that fresh and young?? what products do you use?

  5. More videos please

  6. my natural eyecolor is icy gray but these contact work for dark eyes too. they are very opaque =)

  7. what are your natural eye color
    the reason i ask to know if the contacts your wearing would look right on me
    please help

  8. @Safedak If i were you I would email them to make sure you ordered them and they received your payment. It takes about a week or so for you to get them but they should mail them definitely.

  9. gr8 u r gorgeos do more tutorials plllllleeeease

  10. UNiQUElY29BABYDOll


  11. i use neutrogena foundation too and rimmel’s compact powder…noway does my skin look that perfect:(

  12. NYX eyeshadow base ;)

  13. yoislandprincess

    What kind of primer do you use? the white one on your eyelid?

  14. you are really really beautiful

  15. cupcakesandskulls

    you’re so pretty!! i loveee your hair as well.

  16. Suubed ! I love your eyebrows & Eyes ! Plus you do qreat makeup <3

  17. goshhhhh! you are the prettiest girl i have eva seen wow lol what contact lenses u wearin? x :)

  18. hahah practise makes… well better lol

  19. thank you sweety!

  20. You are flawless, you make it look so easy Angelica!

  21. oh trust me I have my issues with my skin, I believe in moisturizing. Even if your skin is oily i believe you should keep it moisturized so I like to lather on my creams lol. and thank you =)

  22. awww thank you!

  23. hahah yes I will allow you to wear it event though you are not a bride. Just this once though lol

  24. Neutrogena Healthy skin in classic Ivory ;)