Bill Renda gets his lost wedding ring back

More than ten years ago a man from Wallingford lost his wedding ring and months after that he lost his partner. But now he has found that wedding ring that she gave to him all these years ago. Bill Renda tells that this wedding ring is just like a small piece of her late wife.

He tells that he believes in miracles and the first miracle took place when he first met Sasha, his late wife. He tells that their relationship was quite quick and he proposed to her after just three weeks and after thirty five days, they tied the knot. It was really phenomenal. The couple was married for 4 years.

Renda added that she had their daughter and she developed primary pulmonary hypertension, which is a rare disease. They knew that her life is near its end. One day his marriage bands slipped from his finger. They searched for the precious thing for several hours and even with metal detectors, but they could not find it. After three months, he lost Sasha, who died in his arms. The wedding ring was a kind of sign of her.

For more than eleven years, this chivvied Eileen Dow, who always thought about the wedding ring and was in search of it every time – whether its gardening, planting or anything.

Last year, she saw something glittering in the rocks and she remembered that this is Bill’s wedding ring. Renda told that it s just like a piece of her came back.


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